Photography Courses

Just getting into photography, and overwhelmed by a 200 pages or more instruction manual? or, have you been a keen amateur who would now like to take your photography to the next level, up to and including portrait photography in a professional studio?  For beginners, my courses will help you to identify the workings of your camera and understand their appropriate uses.  Emphasis is on the golden triangle (iso, aperture and shutter speed) mastering of which allows for properly exposed photographs.  These courses are structured around the 4 criteria of successful photos; exposure (not too light or too dark), sharpness, composition and interesting content.  You will learn that while you "take a snapshot", one "creates an artistic photograph".  From understanding the controls on the cameras, to lenses, and techniques for "tack" sharp photos, these technical aspects of photography are applied to the creation of well-composed and artistic photographs.  Whether you seek to simply take better snaps (for now), or would like to take your photography to higher levels, my courses can be adapted to your individual needs.  I offer one-on-one instruction for $25.00 an hour.  From 2 to 4 students max., tuition is $20.00 an hour.

While I am presently teaching basic and advanced photography at the Community College level, I have been teaching photo courses in the Cornwall area for 15 years, as well as private tutoring to numerous students.

I will be happy to provide references upon request.  Call at 613-932-0438.

P.S.  Advanced photographers can call to discuss their personal needs based on their individual experiences.  I am presently offering two different programs for advanced students, one of which is dedicated to the aesthetics of photographic art.






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